Sunday, November 23, 2008


Things are humming along in the garden now. The warmer weather has brought on a wonderful flush of healthy blooms on the Iceberg Roses. I have these planted between pink bush roses which are covered in buds but not open yet. Hopefully the Icebergs will continue to flower for a few months yet.

The Tigridia (pictured) is popping up in great clusters. This is a delicate flower which only lasts about a day but I get 2 flowers per stem and they are quite amazing. I've never seen Tigridia growing anywhere else and it took a bit of research to discover what they were. They grow from little bulbs which must have been planted by the garden's previous caretaker. They are great multipliers so each year I get more and each year I give them to other keen gardeners to grow in their own gardens.

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