Friday, December 26, 2008

I Love Summer

So we survived Christmas. Yay. The big test for my garden is coming up. Every year on New Year's day my garden hosts a BBQ for all the family - about 12 adults and as many children. The adults perform the required oh-ing and ah-ing at the garden and the children do their best to destroy everything with the cricket ball. Usually in winter, once things have died back, I find all manner of toys nestled under the foliage. This year we have a badminton net set up which should do considerably less damage in the long run.

Some of the dahlias are just starting to open so hopefully by next week they will be in full bloom. And the Cosmos are just about there too. I've given up trying to control the tomatoes. In the first few weeks of growth they get a lot of attention - pinching out the side shoots, applying fertilizer, and carefully supporting them to the bamboo stakes. At this time though they get quite unruly and dense. So I just make sure they get enough nutrients and protection from the wind. I figure that as long as they are producing fruit then all is well.

The Monarch butterflies are finding the swan plants and laying their eggs. Two caterpillars (above) have already had their fill and wandered off to make their cocoon somewhere. I love summer.

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