Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What happened to the weather?

I'm sure I ask that question every season. It sneaks up on you. Just when you get settled into the balmy evenings of dining al fresco on the produce from the veggie patch and sipping the gin and tonics with the lemons from the tree - bam! The wind picks up, the temperature drops and all the tomatoes split from too much rain.
Our wonderful weather forecasters, shaman that they are, predicted a long pleasant summer. And there I was believing them. Fool that I was.
Anyway, I can continue to garden by virtue of the internet by reading my favourite garden blogs which happen to be in the opposite hemisphere.
Thanks guys.


Fair Weather Runner said...

Hi! I found your blog through blogcatalog and was stunned at what a small world this is. I live in Kansas, US and my next door neighbor is from New Zealand and she is an amazing gardener. I just had to share... random I know! Your pictures are beautiful!

Gena said...

Love gardening!
Nice pics. Please, keep them coming!
I'm in Arkansas, didn't know anyone from New Zealand until now, but our weather is all messed up to.