Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moving Garden

After almost eight years of developing my lovely garden we have parted ways. The landlords took one look at the garden and decided that they wanted it for themselves - no, not really. They want to do some work on the house so are moving their daughter and her friends into it.

After a few tearful moments upon hearing the news, I went to work sorting out what could be moved from the garden. I sold the garden arch and a row of buxus. Both had been gifted to me and would have been difficult to take to my future garden. I invited family over to help themselves to roses, lavender, rhubarb, raspberries and compost. Despite the removal of quite a few things the garden still looked fine.

I left all my Dahlia's there. It wasn't the right time to lift them and probably best if I start afresh with new bulbs anyway.

Fortunately I was able to collect quite a few seeds. An Autumn house move is probably ideal for the gardener. Transplanting is less traumatic on most plants at this time and it gives me a good opportunity to work on the soil and design of the next garden.

Anyway, I took regular photos over the years of my back yard and this timelapse movie is the result. Enjoy.

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